Join Team Axel Arigato

We offer an inspiring, fast-paced and energetic workplace that encourages new ideas and creativity. We are always looking to expand the team with fresh talent from diverse backgrounds. Innovators, dreamers and doers who have the potential to grow with the company and bring a new light to a small but increasingly broadening team.

For all roles, we ask for your CV in English, We can't wait to meet you!

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A People-Powered Brand

At Axel Arigato, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive culture and building an empowered environment that supports creative expression and development. Our team encompasses a number of different strengths and perspectives, which keep us at the forefront of innovation and ensure our output is unique and disruptive. Here, we operate at our own frequency, evolving with contemporary society and its ever-changing spirit. We provide fulfilling opportunities for continuous professional growth and personal development.

A Day At Axel Arigato

A day in the life of an Axel Arigato team member involves working in an innovative, collaborative, and fast-paced environment. You’ll bring your own unique ideas to the table and be an integral part of the process of designing, developing, branding, and marketing breakthrough products for our customers.

Benefits & Perks 

Competitive Salary & Financial Health

We offer competitive packages for all hires – from Managers to Sales Associate and Designers. Having a salary and benefits package that matches your location and responsibilities is one of our priorities. 

Holidays & Wellness

We’re dedicated to our employees’ health and well-being and continually invest in our employees, through fitness opportunities and mental health support. We value the benefits of rest and recovery and offer paid holidays.

Offices & Stores

Our offices and stores are designed to inspire – they’re places that you want to be in. Each one is uniquely designed and based in a central location with plenty happening close by.

Local Community Clubs & Events 

As our office footprint grows, we aim to build our internal community and culture through events and activities, inspiring panel talks and breakfasts and various educational programs.

About Axel Arigato 

Since launching in 2014 by Swedish natives Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson, we've been expanding our product offering, which started with sneakers, to include ready-to-wear for men, women and kids, as well as lifestyle accessories. By forgoing seasonal collections and engaging with our customers directly, we aim to democratize the luxury fashion market delivering an exceptional price/value proposition. The brand is socially-driven and we insert our community into the buying experience by utilizing social media platforms as a tool to understand consumer needs, preferences and desires. The goal is to create a brand that brings people together, through the power of positivity, community, and memorable experiences. 

  • 18 flagship stores & spaces across Europe and the UAE (and counting!)

  • More than 230 employees worldwide

  • Annual calendar includes a roster of events, music-driven activities, pop-ups & collaborations

Our Values

 Axel Arigato believes in Diversity, Respect, Openness, and Passion. Together, these four pillars create our DROP Values and epitomize the culture and community we want to represent, both internally and externally. 


We welcome, embrace, and appreciate people from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. We value diverse perspectives and believe that our differences are a strength. At Axel Arigato, we seek opportunities to make a variety of voices heard and take an active stance in cultivating a diverse environment. 


We show respect towards our colleagues, partners, and the communities in which we operate, as well as the environment and planet, too. Respect means being empathetic, compassionate, and caring in all situations and interactions – it is a fundamental ingredient in making Axel Arigato a positive platform. This also encompasses self-respect, and reminds us to acknowledge our limits and know that it is ok to stand up for ourselves. 


We encourage everyone to co-create a safe space for ideas, solutions, and creativity. At Axel Arigato, we nurture a culture of collaboration, where everyone contributes and listens to one another, welcoming new and different perspectives. 


We are a team of innovators, dreamers, and doers that are driven by passion, celebrate talent, and reward excellence. Passion is what drives us daily – it leads us to pursue and achieve greatness in our industry. With passion, we inspire and motivate each other.