A Guide To Product Care

Leather Shoes

Axel Arigato’s leather shoes are crafted in Portugal using premium quality hides. Since leather is a natural material, you might notice subtle contrasts between products or small imperfections in the grain – these shouldn’t be considered flaws, they’re what make each pair unique.

Fading over time due to intensive wear and susceptibility to scratches or abrasions are also a natural characteristic of leather. You can find more information on how to make your shoes last as long as possible here.

Mixed Material Shoes

Shoes made from different materials require a little extra care – this is because the textile and leather parts have different needs.

Despite your shoes having textile components, they should never be placed in the washing machine. This will affect their longevity, along with their shape and appearance. Find out exactly how to take care of them here.


Axel Arigato’s cotton collection is huge. So, if you’ve bought a sweater, T-shirt or denim item, it’s most likely made from 100% cotton. Though they all share the same fabric composition, the structure differs from one piece to another. For this reason, each item has its own unique care requirements. Learn more here.


Wool is an extraordinary material – it’s naturally warm, water-resistant, and stays fresh for a long time. Thanks to these properties, wool items do not need to be washed frequently. However, bear in mind that it is also a sensitive material. For this reason, always refer to the washing instructions on the care label. You can find more advice on how to take care of your wool items here.


Our outerwear collection includes a number of different styles, and among them are our puffer jackets. They’re filled with natural down that’s exceptionally insulating, but delicate, too. Find out how to keep yours in great condition here.

Other Items

With some items, it’s hard to tell right off the bat what they’re made from. Always look at the care label and follow the instructions. You’ll find everything you need to know on it – from the fabric composition to the best way to wash it. Here’s some in-depth information.